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PSD to Xhtml / Html5 !

Idea Ka Guru provides fast, high quality conversion of graphic Web design into Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and its extensions, as well as skins / themes / templates for various engines.

At Idea Ka Guru, we have an expert staff of in-house professionals, from all walks of life, bringing their expertise, energy, and professionalism to every project. We are a global company; you can order the PSD to html, PSD to Xhtml, PSD to Html5 or PSD to Responsive at any location from the web. Like Las Vegas, Boston, and Europe etc. You will find that we are happy to help you with our friendly nature and truly have the sincere aim to do our very best for you, always.

The following points summarize our strict guidelines:

  • The HTML markup looks exactly the same as the original design layout.
  • CSS classes and images are intuitively named to correspond to their sense / content.
  • The code is correctly indented to correspond to the nesting level of each element.

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