Social Media Marketing !

Promoting yourself as a business is not a hard thing to do as long as you’re willing to keep up with it. At IdeaKaGuru. we will help you come up with the best social marketing strategy to help engage and connect your fans and/or audience with you!

Having the combination of at least one blog, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and your website are some of the best ways to engage with your fans and/or audience. Through blogging you can talk in depth about your goals, life, and anything else you want to share with your fans and/or audience. You can also share pictures of your current or past work through these blogs.

Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace are great places to keep your fans and/or audiences updated on a day to day basis especially if you only have a few links, pictures, or a few words of wisdom to share with everyone each day. You can also use these sites to show tour dates and tell people when new stuff is about to drop such as a new single or album. People can also leave comments easily and you can respond to them easily, which helps to further build your relationship with your fans and/ or audience because you will be conversing with them directly through your social media outlets. When it comes to promoting yourself to the world, how do you want to be identified?

Social Media Techniques

One of the social media techniques we reccomend for all businesses is to actively blog about you and your brand. We can help make this process easier by providing you blog posts, videos, music or what ever content fits your fans or customers. Regardless of your team or techniques you must create unique content and build relationships with viewers and fans.

Another great advantage of blogging is that the more content you add to these blogs the more your search engine rankings will increase. Having lots of content and blog posts also helps you stay connected with everyone else, and if they like your work they will share it with their friends on thier social media outlets further expanding your brand. In order to get the most out of your blogging to gain the highest SEO, you will need to stay on top of your blog updating it regularly, the more the better.

Viral Marketing

Marketing doesn’t end with the release of a product. An electronic press kit provides blogs, media, newspapers, and your fans with everything they need to understand your latest product & service. Electronic press kits contain everything about a business or artist, including a bio, music videos, downloads, additional information provided in traditional press releases.

IdeaKaGuru has extensive experience in developing effective and well designed EPKs for artist all over the country. Each EPK will be developed specifically for each individual artist to ensure that it reaches an artists entire fan base and helps them expand.