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G2/11, Om Santi Nagar, Ahmedabad - 380051 Gujarat, India.
Phone: +91 982 410 7078

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Custom Web Applications !

Custom Application Development is means we design and programmed software for special function whatever you need, or you client or your user needs. Custom applications are capable of programmed practically any feature you may need or desire for you site or desktop or any device. Money and time are virtually the only limiting factors. Mostly all the applications are technically custom, the difference is that we designed and develop new application with combination of general set of features and your interested add-ons features.

Proper planning and Design with good quality is the key to successful Custom application development. It can give your application valuable and unique features, but make sure the teturn is worth the cost.

The Custom applications process normally includes

  • Detailed analysis with Comprehensive of the business needs,
  • Design specifications Preparation
  • Initial concept of design
  • Coding or Programming
  • Testing/validation and Bug solving
  • Client support (Training & support material provided)
  • Maintenance and Ongoing development