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G2/11, Om Santi Nagar, Ahmedabad - 380051 Gujarat, India.
Phone: +91 982 410 7078

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WordPress Development !

Primarily a blogging platform, in our industry has not seen many wonders like it. WordPress is a beautiful CMS. We develop WordPress theme fantastic scalable with SEO friendly parameter follow.

We integrate WordPress whenever you want, like as your blog or your website. We also develop WordPress Custom plug-in, as per client needs. We provide you greatest solution which you never imagine.

In WordPress following solutions offer Idea Ka Guru

  • Template Design: We Design templates for your WordPress blogs and website. The best part about it is that these templates are W3C compatible and table-less therefore ensuring fast rendering and search engine friendly results.
  • PSD to WordPress Template: You finalize the design and we change the PSD to WordPress Template in a jiffy! 2 to 3 days and you get your requirements turned to a product.
  • Plugin Development: We develop WordPress Plugins for blogs, e-commerce portals, and other websites. We go through your requirements, discuss the details with you, and once having understood it completely, give you the development time and cost.
  • WordPress Customization: If you a have special set of requirements for your WordPress blog or website, come to us. Our WordPress Customization solutions include theme customization, header and footer customization, menu customization, and sidebar customization. And the best part about these services is that we take minimum time to deliver it.