Online Directory Submission !

We provide directories submission for your website to various online web directories. It is a fairly simple activity. You can do it yourself also, but you need to invest amount of time and your effort in finding the right list of directories and having your site details submitted properly to every one of them. We provide directory submissions services for saving your time and efforts.

The benefits of directories submission:

  • Idea Ka Guru constantly checking the directories on our list for being SEO friendly and make sure that to every directory your link is properly submits.
  • ¬†We offer you some of submission options. You can submit your site to as many or as few directories as per your choice of directories, you could submit according to the PageRank of the directories and you can choose to slow down the pace at which we make your submissions, spreading out the entire process over 3-6 weeks.
  • We keep track of the list of directories to which your site is submitted on every order, thereby allowing you to make future submissions without having to worry about submitting to the same directory again.
  • Our list of directories is updated on a regular basis, to include newer search engine friendly directories, thus helping you build links continuously by placing orders to the updated list of directories.
  • We allow you to vary your anchor text by giving you the option to add up to 20 different titles and descriptions. Varying anchor texts (titles and descriptions) are known to produce better SEO results.
  • We provide you with a live-reporting feature so that you can keep track of your submissions as and when they're being made, as well as a detailed report of all your submissions on the completion of your order.